Welcome to the Andronicus Transmissions. Be prepared to step into multiple time/ space/realities that have never been encountered  from these perspectives before. This is an unique series of channeled information and weekly transmissions that fills in the blanks of the pre-history and recorded history of the cosmos.

Join us as we venture into timelines and quests of our predecessors who paved the way to establish civilizations with both expanded consciousness and disharmonious challenges of species living amongst one another. Despite their many disagreements and conflicts, there remains a common quest for survival. Some of the civilizations are not too civilized at all and through various transmissions we begin to know why we have very similar problems today amongst humankind, off world species and Extraterrestrial humanoid and non-humanoid species.

The story begins in June, 2015, when Jessica Arael Marrocco had her first vision and communication with a being from Andromeda by the name of Andronicus. Somewhere in a very distant past, time/space bent and folded to allow the communication to occur.

At that moment, the story begins to unfold. It has been more than a year of over 80 transmissions and many new characters that shared their opinion of Andronicus and their own realities of expression and existence. Some of these encounters took place on Andromeda, sector 438, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury , the Sun gate and more.

Andronicus has many encounters with the Vinkalla (a reptilian species), and the Titans, Aldebranians, Luceedo (original Mars beings), Sleetarin (Lizard species), Arcturians, Pleidians, Lyrans, and others.

The tales are told from many others who have also revealed themselves in their efforts to share their side of the story.

Some of the players in addition to Andronicus are some of the sons of Shiva, such as Rhodan, Zamphyr, Kaleeb, Jakar.

There is also other guests such as Meetis, Borkum, Thor, Ketriton, Kraton, Illysia, Danya, Yurik (Ulrich), Tektatron, Tanaak, and others. It is difficult to determine who will arrive next..

Stay tuned for what’s ahead…