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The Creed of the Pack is: Survival, Caring, Protection, Trust and Unconditional Love.

"A group becomes a pack when each member has the confidence and TRUST in their self and their skills, abilities and contributions to the pack, to praise and honor the skills, abilities and contributions of ALL the other members of that PACK."

Here on Wolf Spirit Radio we respect and honor people who honor respect by providing the pack with their authentic self and not a projection of who they want or try to be.

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VLC Streamer

Hey Guess What?  We found a player that will allow you to stream audio and video files from your local computer to your iPad or iPhone.  If you're having trouble with your iPad or iPhone playing our archives you can load the VLC helper app on your computer and this VLC streamer app on your iPad or iPhone.  Download the Archive to your computer and get it streamed to your iPad or iPhone.  Get it here and see if this isn't what you've been needing NOTE:  Although the add advertises Free there is a $1.99 fee for the iPad or iPhone application and we recommend that you upgrade your VLC player to the latest version and download and install  the newest helper file.  This solution is great if you're home and you have a wireless connection and use VLC as your media player.

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There appears to be some question on renewing subscriptions.  I hope to clear these up with this post.  To renew your subscription you click the subscription icon.  In the upper most portion of the subscription box is a login section.  Log in using your current login credentials and the form will be filled out with your current details.  At this point you simply continue with the renewal process.