Egyptian Pyramid Inch


Use of the pyramid inch is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered that many of the measurements of the pyramid would be in whole numbers if this unit were used. The pyramid inch and sacred cubit are also found as raised images on a red granite plaque at the entrance to the Antechamber of the King’s room of the Great Pyramid. The English inch was originally the same as the pyramid inch during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Pyramid inches are .0011 longer than our inch, and the sacred cubit is 25 pyramid inches. The pyramid inch = 1.0011 present inches

The correspondence between the ancient Egyptian inch and the English foot explains why measurements in feet, rather than some other unit such as meters, reveal the cosmic geometry symbolized by the number 432. Egyptian measurement units were clearly based on a deep understanding of astronomy, geophysics, and mathematical relationships. There are numerous examples supporting this view. See, for example, Height Ratio of the Great Pyramid.

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